X-ONE SE is based on Bioelectrlcal lmpedance Analysis and 3D lmaging Technology. lt analyzed body composition, body posture, body function and other body data to realize body assessment completely, from static to dynamic, including health status andathletic ability to digitalize health management through dataquantification, analysis and comparison.
Eight Core Features
Product design process
Adult/Child Mode
HD Screen Projection
Smart login method
Comprehensive/Efficient Assessment
Data viewing on multiple terminals
Independent back-end management
Online upgrade update
Product Design Process
Face ID Camera
11.6 Inches HD
Compactive Touch Screen
Hand Electrodes
Pillar Folding Figure
Foot Electrodes
The product design conforms to ergonomics, allowing testers to be more comfortable during the testing process and making the test data more accurate.
Adult/child Dual Mode
Can automatically switch to different versions according to the age of the tester, suitable for more scenario applications.
HD Screen Projection
Connecting HDMl, the image and sound can be synchronized to the screen to meet the particular needs.
Smart Login
Medical-grade Data More Professional
Intracellular water
The water inside each cell
Extracellular water
The water inside each cell
Edema Index
Water edema index(ECW/TBW,Extracellular Water/Total Body Water)
Fluid edema index(ECF/TBF,Extracellular Fluid/Total Body Fluid))
Comprehensive/Efficient Assessment Makes Testing More Comprehensive
Multi-terminal Data Viewing Makes Data Available At Your Fingertips
X-ONE SE physical measurement data can be synchronized in real time and can be viewed on devices, PCs, Pads, and mobile phones, and cloud storage management is more efficient. No consumables, paperless, more environmentally friendly.
Independent Background Management Makes Viewing More Worry-free
Unlimited data storage view
Accurate data search and analysis
Data output
Data comparison
Online Upgrade
Every X-ONE SE user can enjoy YOUJIU HEALTH's cutting-edge technological achievements.
Future body assessment,create infinite possibility.
Body Composition Analysis
Postural Assessment
Face Recognition
Child Mode
Functional Assessment
Infinite Possibility
Technical Parameter
Core Parameters
8/4/5/5/6 8 Segments, 4 Electrodes, 5 Elements, 5 Parts, 6 Frequencies(1kHz, 5kHz,50kHz,250kHz, 500kHz, 1000kHz)
Testing Method Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impendance Analysis(DSM-BIA)
Imaging Technology 3D Structured Light Image Capture Technology and Human Identification Technology
Output Value
Weight,Fat Free Mass,Soft Lean Mass,Body Fat Mass,Skeletal Muscle Mass,Protein,Minerals,Total Body Water,Visceral Fat Index(class) ,BMI,Shape Assessment,Percent Body Fat,Intracellular water,Extracellular water,Fat Free Mass Index(FFMI),Segmental Muscle,Segmental Fat,Edema Index(Water edema index,Fluid edema index,Segmental water edema index,Segmental fluid edema index)Historical Contrast,Body Control(Fat & Skeletal Muscle)
Function Assessment:Balance Assessment,Core Stability,Lower Limb Stability
Posture Assessment: Neck forward, Cervical scoliosis, Round shoulder, Uneven shoulders, Anterior tit of pelvis, Pelvis obliauity, O/X leg, Knee overextension
Functional Parameters
Reporting Type A4 Report paper/WeChat Mini Program/Backstage Management System
Voice Guide Human voice guide
Data Storage Automaticlly save all data/Remote viewing data report/Data report backup
Test Screen 11.6 inches 1920*1080 IPS high definition compactive touch screeen
Other Parameters
Device Name 3T Intelligent Physical Assessment Instrument
Device Type X-ONE SE
Device Size 452 * 667* 1145 mm
Packing Size 1170 * 570 * 280 mm
Device Net Weight 23 kg
External Interface Network Interface*1,HDMI*1,USB2.0*1 USB3.0*1,Power Interface*1
WIFI Module 2.4GHz&5GHz
Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth
Extended Function API Access
Peripheral Laser Printer(special type)
Operating Environment
Temperature: 10-40℃
Humidity: 30% ~ 80%RH
Testing Age Range 3-99 years old
Testing Height Range 90cm ~ 240cm
Testing Weight Range 10kg ~ 260kg

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