Five Leading Exterio
Telescopic handle
One shot to the end
Hidden 3D camera
Romantic Cherry Blossom Red
360°automatic turntable
Intelligent Interaction
Dynamic Gesture Recognition
— — Accurate Capture, Quick Response
The whole process of human voice interactive guidance
— — -Easy to complete professional assessment
AI 3D model
Trading tool
Yujiu's original adjustable Al 3D model1:1 restores the body shape of the tester,and retests to trace the change trend of body shape
Fat Standard Ideal
Segment Analysis
Large circumference, millimeter level presentation
Mutual confirmation of muscle and fat data
Helping screen for multiple issues such as symmetrical body shape local muscle deficiency, and excessive fat
lmprove the sense of technology in the venue
Postural Assessment
360°fully automatic turntable
3D sensor camera capture
Body Composition Analysis
8 points, 4 electrodes, 5 factors, 5 segments, 3 frequencies
Industry-leading professional body measurement technology to meet all user needs for professional body measurement
All-round and multi-angle data analysis provides scientific basis for coaches to formulate sports plans
Participate in the formulation of national standards for body composition, which is more in line with body composition models in different countries
Intelligent applications
Operational worry free
Powerful cloud computing capabilities, establish a digital fitness file for each member, realize digital traceability, effect comparison, resource allocation, and improve member fitness experience and satisfaction
Open API Interface
Help merchants, SaaS and other institutions to realize intelligent scene applications
Digital Fitness Archives
Empower merchants to operate digitally and efficiently, help stores convert transactions, referrals and drainage, and retain and renew fees
Data Cloud Storage
Mobile viewing, paperless support, more efficient and environmentally friendly management
Merchant Side
Member body measurement rate analysis,
customer resource allocation,
store body measurement analysis report
Member Side
Body composition report,
view body shape and posture report,
view stage data comparison,
one click sharing on social media,
regular retest reminder
Intelligent Upgrad
With unlimited possi
U+300 directly obtains the latest version through the cloud, realizes online upgrade and continues to enjoy more evaluation functions and cutting-edge evaluation experience of Youjiu Health.
Quality Assurance
Layer by layer check, 36 quality inspection links, consistent quality
Strictly control the failure rate of core components, and the aging of the whole machine within 48 hours
100000 data detections to ensure stable and reliable data
Digital Factory
Digital traceability of the entire production quality inspection process
Strictly implement 7S production management standards
Product Parameters
Product name
3T Intelligent Physical Assessment Instrument
Product model
Place of origin
Shanghai, China
Equipment net weight
Equipment size
Packing size
Power input AC 100~240V,50/60Hz,1.4~0.7A
Power output DC 12V,8.5A
External interface
Network cable interface * 1, USB2.0 *3, Power interface * 1
WiFi module
2.4GHz and 5GHz
Packing size
4.0 Bluetooth
Operating environment
Temperature 10~40℃
Humidity 30%~80%RH
Testing Age Range
3-99 years old
Testing Height Range
90cm ~ 240cm
Testing Weight Range
10kg ~ 260kg
8 point contact / 4 electrode measurement / 5 factor calculation / 5 segments / 3 frequency (5kHz.50kHz. 250kHz)
Measurement method
Direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance measurement (DSM-BIA)
lmaging technology
3D structured light depth image capture and human body recognition technology
1. AI human body model
2. Body circumference:Shoulder Width, Bust, Waist, Hip, Left/Right Upper Arm, Left/Right Thigh, Waist-Hip Ratio
3. Body composition:Body weight, fat free mass, soft lean mass, fat mass, skeletal muscle, protein, mineral, body water, viscera fat (Index), BMI, shape assessment, percent body fat, FFMl, basal metabolic rate, total energy expenditure, body age, segmental muscle, segmental fat, conditioning recommendations
4. Posture assessment:4. Posture assessment:
Function Parameters
Report type
Mobile report viewing / Email report viewing / Backend report viewing / Backend downloading electronic report
Voice prom
Real voice guidance throughout the process
Data storage
The report stores 100,000 copies

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