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Technological Companies in the Field of Intelligent Human Health Assessment
Shanghai YOUJIU Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a high technology company in the Field of Intelligent Human Health Assessment, focused on the health detection and service for human body composition, body posture and body function. We have our own design and R&D team and committed to promoting the health testing industry. At present, we have established strategic cooperative relations with a number of listed companies. We already serviced for cover more than 100 large, medium and small cities in China, including millions of users every year. In 2016, with the release the outline "Healthy China 2030 Program”, we proposed the strategy of ‘IOT+Cloud Computing+Big data’,which will continue to cultivate deeply in the fields of fitness, health care and education in the following years. We will apply new technologies and applications to build better intelligent health testing equipment and services, so that the whole people can understand health better and know your body better. 
Science and Technology Exploring the Future of Physical Assessment
With the mission of ‘Science and Technology Exploring the Future of Physical Testing’, we will continue to explore the new "vision" field of intelligent fitness body testing,promote the development of human body testing industry, and create a new scientific and technological level of health assessment for exclusive human. 
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