3T Intelligent Physical Assessment Instrument
X-ONE PRO is based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and 3D Imaging Technology.It analyzed body composition, body posture, body function and other body data, Realizing complete physical assessment from inside to outside, from static to dynamic, assess health status and athletic ability of testers. Digitalization of health management through data quantification, analysis and comparison.
Body Composition Analysis

8Contact 4Electrodes 5Factor 5Segment 3Frequency

Bioelectrlcal Impedance Analysls(BIA)

Scientific FFMI Analysis Method

Demonstrating adjustment suggestions and setting goals through a 3D human model

3D sensor camera capturing technology, combined with self-developed visual algorithm and human body model, carries out 3D measurement of human body with millimeter accuracy,comprehensively screens human body posture,predicts the risk of posture,realizes the digitization of measurements, and establishes the standardization of body posture assessment.

AI Accurate Identification
AI recognition and 3D sensing camera capture technology are used to accurately screen human body posture problems and achieve high efficiency and standardization of posture evaluation.
Tooled Use
Posture editing tool, with HDMI high-definition projection screen, convenient for the instructor to fully analyze the human body posture problems.
Digital Presentation
Measure the human body with millimeter-level accuracy, comprehensively screen human body posture problems, estimate the risks caused by poor posture, and realize the digitization of measurement results.
Archival Management
The powerful cloud computing system, by recording the posture changes of the testers before and after each training, establishes a file library for each tester, and compares the training results.
Neck forward
Cervical scoliosis
Round shoulder
Uneven shoulders
Anterior tilt of pelvis
Pelvis obliquity
X / O leg
Knee overextension
Functional Assessment
Enabling AI to monitor the whole course of each body tester's movements,and adopting self-developed dynamic evaluation system,Combining with the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as computer vision and in-depth learning neural network model,the action behavior of the body tester is captured,the movement ability of the body tester is presented digitally,and the risk of movement is prevented.At the same time, excellent human-computer interaction can bring better measurement experience for testers.






X-ONE PRO is the first child assessment method of ‘body composition + body posture’,focuses on the common body posture problems in the process of children's growth,tracking and managing children's growth trends with data,and helping parents and coaches to conduct intervention training earlier.

Child Mode

Children's Body Assessment Report (applicable for 3-15 years old)

X-ONE PRO is the first child assessment method of ‘body composition + body posture’,focuses on the common body posture problems in the process of children's growth,tracking and managing children's growth trends with data,and helping parents and coaches to conduct intervention training earlier.

Hardcore Technology
Feel Strength
Face Recognition | Convenient
Subverting the traditional login method,using face key point location and face tracking technology,Using the "Client + Cloud" ways,high precision matching, so that users can measure more efficiently.
Screen Projection | Immersive
Connecting HDMI, the device screen and sound can be synchronized to the screent o meet the testing needs.
Intelligent Management | Multi Terminal
The test data support viewing on device side, mobile side and report printing paper,and manage more efficient. No consumables, paperless, more environmentally friendly.
Report Sharing | Attract Customers
X-ONE PRO supports to view and compare training data in Wechat Mini Programs.
Value-added service
Excellent quality
Installation and training
  • Provide installation video and use video
  • Professional training, providing systematic programs to help businesses use X-ONE PRO to achieve business value enhan-cement.
Online upgrade
  • Every X-ONE PRO user can enjoy YOUJIU HEALTH's cutting-edge technological achievements.
  • Future body Assessment,create infinite possibility.
Open API access
  • Help businesses, SaaS and other organizations to achieve intelligent scene application.
Value-added service
Excellent quality
Technical Parameter
Core Parameters
8/4/5/5/3 8Contact 4Electrodes 5Factor 5Segment 3Frequency( 5kHZ,50kHZ,250kHZ)
Testing Method Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impendance Analysis( DSM-BIA)
Imaging Technology 3D Structured Light Image Capture Technology and Human Recognition Technology
Output Value
( The test results do not represent basis of medical diagnosis)
Body Composition Analysis: Weight,Fat Free Mass,Muscle,Fat mass,Skeletal Muscle,Protein,Mineral Salt,Body Water,Visceral Fat( Grade) ,BMI,Shape Assessment,Percent Body Fat,Strength Index( FFMI),Segmental Muscle,Segmental Fat,Historical Contrast,Adjustment Suggestion( Fat & Skeletal Muscle)
Postural Assessment: Neck forward, Cervical scoliosis, Round shoulder, Uneven shoulders, Anterior tilt of pelvis, Pelvis obliquity, O / X leg, Knee overextension
Body Shape And Circumferences: Six kinds of figure,Head-to-body ratio,Shoulder-hip ratio( male),Waist-hipratio( female),Leg-to-body ratio
Functional Assessment: Balance Assessment,Core Stability,Lower Extremity Stability
Functional Parameters
Reporting Type A4 Report paper/WeChat Mini Program/Backstage Management System
Voice Prom The whole process of human voice prom
Test Screen 11.6 Inches 1920*1080 IPS High Definition Touch Capacitor Screen
Data Storage Automatic storage of all data/ Remote Viewing Data Report/ Data report backup

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